Classmint Groups are in the works!

We’ve seen groups everywhere. All social media platforms, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups and much more. Why do we need a new kind of groups?

We’ve received various request from our users that they don’t want to publish their study notes but be able to share with a fixed set of people. Groups will make this possible.

Classmint groups are designed for two clear purposes:

  • Private Note Sharing
  • Private Question and Answer

Study notes created by a classmate can be really useful to other members of the class and groups will make it easy to share notes privately with your classroom.

Here are some screenshots for upcoming Classmint Groups product:

classmint_groups_create classmint_groups_index classmint_group_view

How would you like to use Groups?

Feel free to comment or email us: rajan (at) classmint (.) com

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