How It all got started?

After finishing my Bachelors of Engineering, I relocated to Mumbai and then USA for work.

I visited my school after 10+ years and found out something interesting.


12th grade result board which mentions my name at the top and no student scored higher in last 10+ years. I felt great about it first but soon realized that May be something is wrong with the schools. Good teachers have left or study environment isn’t just right or something else. I did some more research on Education system and found out this:


Key observations here:

  • Cost per student is increasing even after adjusting inflation.
  • Staff per student has also increased over time.

The Math, Science and Reading (English) scores have remained the same. I mean this is really inconsistent with rest of the world:

  • Our mobile phones are more powerful than computers 10 years back.
  • Social networks and Email have changed the way we communicate.
  • Internet has changed so many things.

Clearly, Education isn’t changed much and even Bill Gates would agree with me:

Education has not been changed. That is, institutional education, whether it’s K-12 or higher education, has not been substantially changed by the Internet.

– Bill Gates (June 25, 2012)

So, Our goal at Classmint is to change it and help to score high in exams and life.


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