Improving Educational outcomes using Technology

The most popular chart that every EduTech start-up includes in their deck is this:


It clearly addresses two trends:

  • Cost-per-student(inflation adujested) going up since 1970
  • Staff-per-student going up since 1970

Education industry is clearly working towards educational outcomes.

At Classmint, all of our technology is no good if we can’t help improve actual educational outcomes. That’s the end goal and clearly we will need to work with everyone to make this happen.

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Students

Lets look at history of improvement in educational outcomes thru Cornell Notes.

In 1949, Walter Pauk designed Cornell Note-taking system in response to frustration over student test scores. It has benefited millions of students to be able to study well.

A study published in 2008 by Wichita State University compared two note taking methods in a secondary English classroom, and found that Cornell Note taking may be of added benefit in cases where students are required to synthesize and apply learned knowledge.

– Wikipedia is growing fast with 7,00,000 students and 4900 schools enrolled in the program and it delivers with 90% of Avid students being accepted into four-year colleges. It uses Cornell Notes for note-taking as a central theme. All students submit their assignment in the form of Cornell Notes.

We launched Classmint before 3 months and now seeing Students/Teachers from 100+ schools using the service to create and share Cornell Notes, Active Recall and Timely revision of study notes. We take the Cornell Notes to the next level with following:

  • Being able to digitally fold the note is a great learning tool.
  • Ability to listen to the note section by section helps in learning by listening.
  • Text and Image annotations expands the contents of the note and makes it interactive and fun.
  • Revision of the Cornell Note is something that makes them useful in the first place. So, we’ve Revision List feature.

We aim to keep building valuable features/tools/apps that help improve educational outcomes.

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