Why we don’t allow videos in Classmint Study Notes?

We launched Classmint around 3 months back and we are receiving a number of requests:

  • More Note Templates
  • Groups for private sharing
  • Adding Videos to the Notes
  • Many more features

We did a thorough analysis and realized that we can’t have videos in the Classmint notes given the current use case of the product because of following:

  • Classmint is used in the Classroom as an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) by many AVID (avid.org) schools in USA. We can see like 15-50 students concurrently accessing the service and creating study notes. If we would allow videos, school’s network will experience a traffic spike and it would be hard for them to use Classmint in the classroom.
  • We think video is a poor replacement of student-teacher communication. We feel video is useful in the flipped classroom model which can be shared thru popular Youtube channel or Vimeo. We don’t want to be a platform that helps teacher and student to collaborate on study materials. Also, help students master the content which is shared by the teacher. First time, It should happen in real-time or face to face.
  • A Teacher or Student can’t print a video on a piece of paper. When we are talking about study notes in real-life, we are talking about something that can be printed on a piece of paper. Most of study happens with things that can be printed and carried with you.
  • We are also working to build mobile apps that will sync. your study notes created using the platform. It is really hard to sync. a video because of the size constraints.

We are making this decision for the next 1 year and will be happy to revise our decision and see if it would make sense to include videos in here.



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